Friday, June 6, 2008

iPhone in Japan

Healthy it looks like the iPhone force finally be making its way toward Japan. Now that detail that this has taken so extensive is not a large surprise for me because the GSM/GPRS/periphery current reproduction will not run on any complex in Japan so that certainly apprehended things up. Now that the 3G iPhone’s release is a few existence away it seems simply natural to see the iPhone announced in Japan. This is afterall a huge market for cell telephone cells.

It is a surprise that SoftBank is the donor that will be getting this phone. Most would contain thought that a other high shape provider would have landed this handset . Someone like NTT DoCoMo or Au would cover been a less overwhelming choice. For me SoftBank makes intellect a morsel since they use the UMTS 3G net that most assume that the fresh 3G phone motivation be by . Maybe we will spot the original 3G phone comprise all the 3G frequencies and allow ATT users from the US to use their phones within Japan (to would be cool).

On a plane note I think the phone spirit sell sound but Japanes users determination be bountiful up fairly a morsel to use this telephone . It determination be interesting to glimpse if the status of having an iPhone will make several people modify their receiver expectations near be talented to fall in adore with the phone

For me I am hoping that this means the Japanese textbook entry that the iPod Touch has had for a as will lastly make its way to the iPhone so my wife self-direct be delighted .

Well a few time and we will every know what iPhone 2 self-run look like and what specs enclose been distorted . Also the app store should be going live monday proviso some of the developers can be beleived. Let’s stay our fingers crossed (although I contain since retired my iphone).

Friday, May 30, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

iPod & iPhone Connectivity Now Available on Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines First to Offer iPod Integration Through In-Flight Entertainment System, KrisWorld

NEW YORK, May 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Singapore Airlines announced the first-ever flights featuring iPod and iPhone connectivity on KrisWorld starting today on its newly reconfigured, all-Business Class Airbus A340-500 flights between New York and Singapore, and between Los Angeles and Singapore from August.

Customers can now easily enjoy their personal audio and video content from their iPod or iPhone on Singapore Airlines' KrisWorld in-flight entertainment system. Each seat features a 15.4-inch widescreen LCD screen which is perfect for watching television shows and movies, as well as active noise-cancellation headphones.

"Customers on our all-business class Airbus A340-500 flights now have an incredible way to enjoy their own iPod and iPhone music and video on the KrisWorld in-flight entertainment system," said Yap Kim Wah, Senior Vice-President Product & Services, for Singapore Airlines. "This is yet another example of our philosophy of creating customer satisfaction by providing an enhanced sense of choice and control."

"The iPod is the world's most popular digital music player and iPhone is a revolutionary mobile device, and they have become essential for millions of travelers," said Greg Joswiak, Apple's vice president of iPod & iPhone Product Marketing. "Singapore Airlines' customers can now enjoy their music, TV shows and movies on their iPod and iPhone through the in-flight entertainment system."

The integrated 9-pin connection on KrisWorld uses a unique in-flight cable that supports iPod and iPhone via the 30-pin connector, including in-seat power supply and high quality audio. iPod and iPhone will still allow for the announcements and instructions made by Singapore Airlines cabin crew and pilots to be heard even while content is being played. Customers can take advantage of iPhone's airplane mode to safely use the iPhone through the integrated system.

iPod and iPhone integration will commence with Singapore Airlines' A345 non-stop flights from Newark - Singapore on May 15, and on the carrier's Los Angeles - Singapore non-stops from August.

Consistently rated as the world's best international airline by the readers of both Conde Nast Traveler and Travel+Leisure magazines, Singapore Airlines operates one of the industry's youngest, most fuel-efficient aircraft fleets to a network of 66 destinations in 35 countries.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

iPhone to Slim Down Your Wallet

Tied of carrying around all those specialty credit cards and membership cards in your wallet? Why not use your iPhone to help slim things down?

A blogger named Albert Alberts, scanned all his membership cards to his computer, synced them to his iPhone and made a new photo album called "WalletCards."

Membership numbers, bar codes, security codes, expiration dates, etc... are now right at his fingertips anytime he needs them. And the scanned bar code images can even be scanned directly off the iPhone's screen at the register!

There is a downside to this however. The scanned cards on his iPhone obviously can't be swiped in a credit card machine. So this technique won't work every type of card, but it can at least help slim down your wallet a little bit.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Apple's iPhone continues its march around the world, with new announcements

Apple's iPhone continues its march around the world, with new announcements of deals with carriers in the Asia region and Australia.

The agreements are with Singapore Telecommunications Ltd. (SingTel) for that country, and with three of SingTel's affiliates in India, the Philippines, and Australia. The iPhone will be released in the four countries later this year.

New Product Launches?

India's leading mobile carrier, Bharti Airtel Ltd., is 30 percent owned by SingTel and has more than 260 million mobile users in what is now the world's fastest-growing market for wireless devices and services. Optus, owned by SingTel, will make the iPhone available in Australia, and Globe Telecom, co-owned by SingTel and Ayala Corp., will be the carrier in the Philipines.

Avi Greengart, an analyst with industry research firm Current Analysis, said Apple very carefully made a few carrier announcements in the first stages of the iPhone's release. "First, it was just AT&T, then a few European carriers," he said, adding that "now, every time you turn around they're adding a few more." He suggested this flurry of partner announcements could herald new product launches.

Apple said Monday that its online stores in the U.S. and the United Kingdom are sold out of iPhones. Selling out current inventory could also be a sign of new products on the way.

Not Exclusives

Greengart also noted that Apple seems to be changing its strategy of demanding exclusive arrangements in each country.

Last week, for example, Apple announced an agreement with Vodafone to sell the iPhone in the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa, and Turkey, as well as in Australia and India, which are also covered by SingTel companies. Similarly, Apple has announced that it will be selling the iPhone in Italy through Telecom Italia in addition to Vodafone.

Some observers have noted that in developing markets, such as India, the first time many customers will access the Internet will be through an iPhone. India, for instance, has a population of more than a billion people and, although most of the country doesn't have a cell phone, the portion that does represents a large number of customers.

The announcements of more markets and more partners, however, can help Apple reach its announced goal of 10 million iPhones sold worldwide by the end of this year. As of the quarter ending March 31, Apple reported selling about 5.4 million units.

As with other recent announcements, the SingTel agreements did not mention pricing or whether the iPhone may be the 3G version. Greengart has speculated that the announcement of a 3G version will come relatively soon, so Apple can get it out in time for the holiday season.

Barry Levine,

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Cell Phone—Apple’s New Market

Apple, the company that began the computer revolution, has remained a key player in the technology race. After all, we are talking about the company that introduced the iPod into the world.

However, despite their leading role in the technology world, Apple has failed to establish their territory in the mobile phone industry—that is, until now. Now, Apple’s cell phone is quickly becoming one of the hippest and most desired new devices available.

Apple’s Cell Phone Is The Talk Of The Town

Steve Jobs’ announcement at the January 2007 MacWorld conference that an Apple cell phone, better known as an iPhone, was in the process of being developed inspired excitement and anticipation throughout the world. The idea of a device that has the ability to double as both a cell phone and an iPod was awe-inspiring.

Prior to the release of Apple’s cell phone, there was a lot of press and media hype surrounding the functions, capabilities, and price of the iPhone. By the time the gadget was actually released on June 29, 2007, consumers were lining up to purchase their own Apple cell phone.

The Phone Is Pretty And Functional

The device, which is approximately the size of an iPod nano, comes in three colors thus far: black, white, and platinum. More colors and visual options could be in the gadget’s future.

The Apple cell phone has the ability to do much more than simply play music and make phone calls. With an iPhone, the user can text message, take pictures, surf the Internet, watch movies and videos, send and receive mail, and store iTunes. Some wonder how such a small device can do so much, and others simply appreciate the technology they have right at their fingertips.

Paying The Price

The Apple cell phone doesn’t come cheap—the hand held device costs $500-$600, depending on the amount of memory you choose to purchase. Many feel that the iPhone is worth this price, while other consumers choose to wait for Apple to work out the cell phone’s glitches before purchasing it.

Where To Buy It

After its release on June 29, the Apple cell phone will only be available through Apple stores and AT&T in the United States. However, the iPhone will be available for purchase in other countries beginning in late 2007.

Just Good Business

It was only a matter of time before Apple introduced a cell phone to the world. With a loyal fan base and nothing to lose, creating the iPhone has proven to be a good business decision.

Examining the Apple Iphone

Examining the Apple Iphone

There is much on the news these days about the Apple Iphone. Considering the fact that the sales of these phones were stratospheric makes the advancement of the Apple iphone an incredibly newsworthy event. There is good reason for this because the purpose of the iphone is to combine a series of separate media and communications items into one package: the mobile phone, email, widescreen iPod, etc. This makes the item quite an attractive package as not only do the technological advances of the iphone make it quite the convenient product, but it also proves to be a highly cost effective product as well. After all, instead of having to purchase separate items all one has to do is purchase the iphone. This will clearly prove to be a cost saver right off the bat.

Of course, despite all the media attention to the iphone many people are unsure of what it is actually that the iphone can do and what the value of the iphone actually is. This is not the fault of the media as reporting on the advancement and sales of the iphone does not include extensive, 20 minute public relations explanations of the phone. As such, it becomes important to perform additional research in order to understand the purpose and value of the phone. This then begs the question as to where to go for information.

The Primary Source of Apple Iphone Information

Probably the best place to go if you are looking for information on the Apple Iphone would be to head to the Apple Iphone homepage. (Please see The reason for this is pretty obvious: the website is loaded with all the comprehensive information that is necessary for understanding what the product does. In fact, the site also contains a fairly comprehensive video presentation that details the iphone in great depth. The presentation of the Apple Iphone in a multimedia fashion also provides a quick and easy manner in which to understand the product. It was a wise move by Apple to present such a media presentation for all to access. It definitely shows confidence in the product.

One Caveat

If there was one caveat to mention in regards to reading about the iphone on Apple’s website it would be the fact that Apple is only going to present the product in glowing terms and from a sales perspective. As such, the presentational will be purely informational in nature which is fine to a certain degree.