Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Cell Phone—Apple’s New Market

Apple, the company that began the computer revolution, has remained a key player in the technology race. After all, we are talking about the company that introduced the iPod into the world.

However, despite their leading role in the technology world, Apple has failed to establish their territory in the mobile phone industry—that is, until now. Now, Apple’s cell phone is quickly becoming one of the hippest and most desired new devices available.

Apple’s Cell Phone Is The Talk Of The Town

Steve Jobs’ announcement at the January 2007 MacWorld conference that an Apple cell phone, better known as an iPhone, was in the process of being developed inspired excitement and anticipation throughout the world. The idea of a device that has the ability to double as both a cell phone and an iPod was awe-inspiring.

Prior to the release of Apple’s cell phone, there was a lot of press and media hype surrounding the functions, capabilities, and price of the iPhone. By the time the gadget was actually released on June 29, 2007, consumers were lining up to purchase their own Apple cell phone.

The Phone Is Pretty And Functional

The device, which is approximately the size of an iPod nano, comes in three colors thus far: black, white, and platinum. More colors and visual options could be in the gadget’s future.

The Apple cell phone has the ability to do much more than simply play music and make phone calls. With an iPhone, the user can text message, take pictures, surf the Internet, watch movies and videos, send and receive mail, and store iTunes. Some wonder how such a small device can do so much, and others simply appreciate the technology they have right at their fingertips.

Paying The Price

The Apple cell phone doesn’t come cheap—the hand held device costs $500-$600, depending on the amount of memory you choose to purchase. Many feel that the iPhone is worth this price, while other consumers choose to wait for Apple to work out the cell phone’s glitches before purchasing it.

Where To Buy It

After its release on June 29, the Apple cell phone will only be available through Apple stores and AT&T in the United States. However, the iPhone will be available for purchase in other countries beginning in late 2007.

Just Good Business

It was only a matter of time before Apple introduced a cell phone to the world. With a loyal fan base and nothing to lose, creating the iPhone has proven to be a good business decision.

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