Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Examining the Apple Iphone

Examining the Apple Iphone

There is much on the news these days about the Apple Iphone. Considering the fact that the sales of these phones were stratospheric makes the advancement of the Apple iphone an incredibly newsworthy event. There is good reason for this because the purpose of the iphone is to combine a series of separate media and communications items into one package: the mobile phone, email, widescreen iPod, etc. This makes the item quite an attractive package as not only do the technological advances of the iphone make it quite the convenient product, but it also proves to be a highly cost effective product as well. After all, instead of having to purchase separate items all one has to do is purchase the iphone. This will clearly prove to be a cost saver right off the bat.

Of course, despite all the media attention to the iphone many people are unsure of what it is actually that the iphone can do and what the value of the iphone actually is. This is not the fault of the media as reporting on the advancement and sales of the iphone does not include extensive, 20 minute public relations explanations of the phone. As such, it becomes important to perform additional research in order to understand the purpose and value of the phone. This then begs the question as to where to go for information.

The Primary Source of Apple Iphone Information

Probably the best place to go if you are looking for information on the Apple Iphone would be to head to the Apple Iphone homepage. (Please see The reason for this is pretty obvious: the website is loaded with all the comprehensive information that is necessary for understanding what the product does. In fact, the site also contains a fairly comprehensive video presentation that details the iphone in great depth. The presentation of the Apple Iphone in a multimedia fashion also provides a quick and easy manner in which to understand the product. It was a wise move by Apple to present such a media presentation for all to access. It definitely shows confidence in the product.

One Caveat

If there was one caveat to mention in regards to reading about the iphone on Apple’s website it would be the fact that Apple is only going to present the product in glowing terms and from a sales perspective. As such, the presentational will be purely informational in nature which is fine to a certain degree.

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